DustInEyes are born at the end of the last century, and they start their musical activity as a raw and energic punk rock trio under the name of Split. Excited by the fact that playing live they didn't have to pay for their drinks, the band keeps playing shows, with great passion and energy, tons of beer and questionable clothes, until they catch the eye of local label Insideout Records, that asks them to make a full length. The band name changes to DustInEyes, and under the supervision of Daniele Giordana (sound engeneer of great talent, known to have worked even with Motorhead!), they lock themselves up in the OneVoice studio in Chivasso to record their first full length "Rebel Monster", following inspiration from horror punk bands like Misfits and the Damned, and energic rock n roll from Motorhead to WASP.
it's the year 2002, and the band starts playing around Italy and beyond in the good company of label buddies Coffe Mug, and sharing the stage with bands like Derozer and Wine Spirit.
But life isn't always fair, and Pando, the drummer, at the end of 2002, decides to leave, Lele gives up on bass to concentrate on the vocals, and the band comes to a stop, hoping to find new companions crazy enough to keep up the band's wild pace.
Finally in 2005 the right people come knocking on the Dust In Eyes door, first the bass player P.I.Z., a reject of the 4 strings, but with a great haircut and the fact that the bass has been in his hands long before he had any pubic hair.
After a few months came along the new drummer, SH Valenti, heavy handed beater and 80's fanatic.
Since 2006, with the new line up, Dustineyes never stopped: setting on fire dirty pubs, destroying big venues and sharing the stage with bands like Hardcore Superstar, Crystal Pistol, Kerry Martinez from U.S. Bombs, Necrodeath, Fire Trial.